My Master Key Experience

I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since my last post…I’ve spent these past few months enjoying the warm sunshine, listening to the sounds of nature all around me, spending time with family, hanging out by the lake, you might say tasting the fruits of my labor. Thinking about where I was just 12 months ago and how unclear my future was…I’m not saying I didn’t know what I wanted or where I was going it just was always foggy most of the time. Frustrated with the way things were (can you relate?)


I needed a change, Isn’t that what we all want just a better outcome in life ???  Over the past few years I’ve enrolled in personal development courses to learn how to improve on my skills spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on webinars, don’t get me wrong they were all good, well for a little while, seemed like every program would last for a few weeks and before long I was back to my old self with the same results.


Last September I discovered a program called The MKMMA that changed all that, It is a 6 month course in self discovery…Not someone telling you what to think, or hey just face your fears…That never works…I have to admit at first I had no clue what to think about this program, I just felt like this was different from any program I have ever have been involved with before.


These people are as authentic as they come the material is amazing and as a result of this training I’m manifesting my dreams, I’m self-directed, happier, have more energy, most of all I now have a step by step guide to build my future. This program is for people who are looking for lasting change in life.

However there are a few pros and cons…

Pro: The material is easy to follow there is a mastermind after each call so ask questions if you need help.

Con: Well we (most of us) have been out of school for many years so the assignments take a bit getting used to. like anything in life you get out what you put in…Garbage in Garbage out.


Pro: Results come quick to those who follow as directed.

Con: This is a 6 month commitment so take it serious.

Pro: They will make you laugh, humor is an important part of life so relax Rome wasn’t built-in a day. It’s all good.

Con: The webinars are a requirement to keep your scholarship. I discovered a way to make it work for me as well as my family, you’ll have to do the same.

If you are looking to improve in your business or just in certain areas of life I would highly recommend this program. There are only so many tomorrows so don’t wait space is limited.


The life you seek is seeking you…

~Give More get More~



Week – 24 “It’s Time To Meet The Real You”

When I was a young boy my parents would take my brother and I on vacation every summer, I can remember how excited I was as dad was packing the car, He had it down to a science every detail had to be just right. My mother would fold the clothes and put them in the suitcases Dad would carry each on down the stairs then properly position the suitcase in the trunk. (It was a production) I was always impatient and just wanted to get there…


We lived in Lynn so a vacation in Maine was very exciting so many things to do there that we were unable to do at home.









images 1

Catching Bull Frogs ( I always let them go)

images 2

Play in the Sand

images 3

And the best part was…spending time with my grandparents, I loved my grandfather he would always smile, give me a big hug and talk about the hockey games that I played in that past winter and tell how proud he was of me, Mom said I was his favorite, I still miss him today, his body may not be here but his spirit is with me everyday…

“I promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me , noticing nature, kindness, smiles and compliments which I gladly receive with a thank you.”

images 4

As mom and dad were getting the remainder of our belongings together I had already left the house driving my imagination in the direction of camp enjoying the warm air whistling through the car windows as we sped up the highway, later that afternoon stopping at a rest area to take a break and get something to eat. Dad would check the oil and water and we would continue on our way, driving down country roads until we arrived at that dirt road leading to the camp. At the end of the road I could see that crystal clear lake I’d been waiting for. The first thing I would do was run into the lake…clothes and all…I was excited to be here and I didn’t care what anyone would think. I changed my clothes then went out in the boat fishing, caught a huge bull frog, went back to camp and showed my grandfather. My bike was next to the back door so off I went down the dirt road…

Yep, little did I know what I was doing at that age…

“Impress on the mind a perfect picture of the desire which you wish to have objectified and continue to hold the picture in mind until results are obtained.”

images 6

It’s the journey not the destination.

Next thing I knew it was time to go for real…The ride up was everything I imagined…

When we arrived at camp later that day I was so excited to get started with everything I had been thinking about that morning…I was in complete Harmony with my thoughts.


This course has made me feel like a kid again , colored pencils, index cards, pens, paper, cutting out objects and pasting them on a board, imagination autosuggestion…funny thing is although it is a class not one time did I ever think it was like school…(I never liked school when I was a kid…Now I understand why) Don’t get me wrong we did have assignments each week, when it’s something you enjoy you don’t mind doing the work…keeping a positive mental attitude and focusing on your dharma, you can’t help but enjoy it !!

index 2

I look back on the past six months and it’s humbling the twilight of the MKMMA is upon us all…We’ve installed the foundation to build the life we so desire all that we need now is daily attention to what it is we desire…The deep connection or “Truth” to your dharma sends out waves into the universe as Haanel states:

All thought is a form of energy, a rate of vibration, but a thought of the truth is the highest rate of vibration known and consequently destroys every form of error in exactly the same way that light destroys darkness; no form of error can exist when the “Truth” appears, so that your entire mental work consists in coming into am understanding of the Truth. This will enable you to overcome every form of lack, limitation or disease of any kind.

Have you had your time in the silence yet ? It’s there you’ll find the Truth…

images 5

We can get no understanding of the truth from the world without; spending time here is like the definition of insanity…Truth is found in the world within.

Haanel states:

The absolute truth is that the “I” is perfect and complete; the real “I” is spiritual and can therefore never be less than perfect; it can never have any lack, limitation, or disease. The flesh of genius does not have origin in the molecular motion of the brain; it is inspired by ego, the spiritual “I” which is one with the Universal Mind, and it is our ability to recognize this unity which is the cause of all inspiration,all genius. These results are far reaching and have effect upon generations yet to come; they are the pillars of fire which mark the path that millions follow.   

At the beginning of The Master Keys I thought I knew exactly what I wanted out of life, although my PPN’S haven’t changed, I feel the next chapter of my life has been greatly impacted by this course. With all the new “tools” we’ve been given we have a clear path to unlock that sleeping giant that dwells in us all…

images 7

There are a few areas in my life that I need to focus on every day, How about you ? are there areas in your life that you could improve upon as a result of this course?

It’s time to meet the real you…

If your reading this I know you have what it takes to change the direction of your life, you seek a better outcome for yourself, you know that every time you move in the pool of life waves are sent out into the world ,you understand how much you can help another human being with your actions, It’s apparent to you connection to the real you the “I” gives you infinite energy, your mind dwells on what you want not what you don’t want, you don’t give opinions, or defend your point of view, you take full responsibility for your situation and accept other people and situations, circumstances as they occur, your grateful everyday, you’ve formed good habits and become their slave and greet everyday with love in your heart, you know how to persist until you succeed, you know you are nature’s greatest miracle and how to live every day as if it is your last…You mastered your emotions !!

I’m grateful for you all…

images 8

As always,

~Give more get More~


Week – 23 “The Law of Least Effort”

This week we learned about “The Law of Least Effort” up until this past week I have never heard about this law…ever…It caught my attention right away as to how I could utilize this law in my life. After another day in the Silence on Saturday my mind is clear of all that…you know…”chatter”…that which we all experience on a daily basis.


In the mid 80s I was working construction on a project in downtown Boston at the time I was an apprentice, long hours hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter, don’t get me wrong those were good years but very harsh. I can remember the journeymen I was working with at the time had been in the industry for over 30 years and everything that man did he did with little or no effort, I never saw him sweat…seriously…that man was amazing no matter what ever he touched seem to turn to gold. Though at the time all I could think about was being a good student of his teachings and some day I would become a journeymen like him, I was truly blessed to be taught by a seasoned veteran like him and I knew it.


One day we were having coffee ( he’d refer to it as a think drink) and I asked him how he got to be so good at his profession ? he replied: Construction is my life kid I eat and sleep this stuff (he used another word)…I love it…I give it hell every day.


I wish I listened to his words more carefully. It’s taken me over 30 years of hard physical and mental labor to figure out what he was trying to tell me.It’s all good…

Think ?


Eat ?


Sleep ?


I love it ?


I give it hell every day ?


Hmmmmm…Where have we heard that before ??

The law of least effort is that way, it never fails it just is…

During the webcast we were given an assignment, to write out the three elements of the law of least effort:



I will practice acceptance. Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur, I will know that this moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be. I will not struggle against the whole universe by struggling against this moment. My acceptance is total and complete. I accept things as they are in this moment, not as I wish they were.



Today my awareness will remain established in defenselessness. I will relinquish the need to defend my point of view. I will feel no need to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view. I will remain open to all points of view and not be rigidly attached to any one of them.



Having accepted things as they are, I will take responsibility for my situation and for all those events I see as problems I know that taking responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for my situation (and this includes myself). I also know that every problem is an opportunity in disguise, and this alertness to opportunities allows me to take this moment and transform it into a greater benefit.

During the silence on Saturday, I realized I depend on technology too much, cell phones, texting and my computer, I was not able to focus on one thought for long, It was only after about 6 hours the “chatter” seemed to slow down…seriously…The day flew by and before I knew it 12 hours had passed by (don’t know the exact time I did not have a watch), I didn’t have that epiphany some people describe when they are in the silence I just was…Thoughts of helping a family member or a friend were entering my mind…yep that’s right being in service and making a difference is where it’s at for me as well as freedom, Not just for myself that would be boring…Freedom for those I come into contact with, helping people to get what they want, The most successful time in my life was when I gave of myself to others, just to think these thoughts gave me great pleasure…I made a connection to my authentic self that infinite mind, a spiritual connection with who I am. Though I still have a bit of work to do, this week I felt like I’m traveling down the right path. life is a journey not a destination. After reading Haanel this week it put it in perspective for me Haanel states:


Man is not a body with a spirit, but a spirit with a body,and that it is for this reason that his desires are incapable of any permanent satisfaction in anything not spiritual. Money therefore of no value except to bring about conditions which we desire, and these conditions are necessarily harmonious. Harmonious conditions necessitate sufficient supply, so that if there appears to be lack, we should realize that the idea or soul of money is service, and as thought takes form, channels of supply will be opened, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that spiritual methods are entirely practical.

The soul of money is service…That makes sense…You get what you give.


Finding that connection to your Dharma now more than ever makes perfect sense, it’s “intensely practical“…Your purpose !! Only you know what that is…However few of us take the time to focus on what we want. Most people focus on what they don’t want, the law of compensation begins and they get more of what they don’t want. It’s labor hard mental labor to stay focused on what you want, we’re living in a society of instant gratification ,electronic distractions which takes our attention from what we truly want.


If we’re to use our own power that’s unique only to the individual in alignment with the infinite we must therefore give attention to the silence. Your questions will be answered there. It’s your turn…It’s your time in life…The law of least effort will then be in your possession. Living life on purpose with purpose in service to yourself and others.

That person in the mirror is counting on you !!!


Until next week

~Give more get More~

Week – 22a ” The Journey to…Silence”

Over this past weekend I had a chance to go into the silence, I had been planning for two days but ended up with only four hours due to a prior commitment with my family, It’s all good.

Have you ever had a day without:

Cell phones



Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse






watch tv

Talking to people

3D colourful people talking



Did I mention no texting ?


Nothing that can occupy your mind…Nothing at all…. for 4 days…Really…


Seems strange when you think about it in fact a bit scary, just think for four days you’ll have no contact with another person. The first thing that pops into your mind is how am I going to take four days away from my work or my family?

That was my initial thought, then I started to think about it a bit more , what is so important that I’m unable to unplug for a few days ? Is the world going to stop ? Not a chance…However there is always something that needs attention !!

I decided that any journey begins with a starting point and it doesn’t matter if you begin with four days or just a few hours you just need to get started you’ll figure out how to extend the time. Over the years I’ve had some experience with breaks of time where I’ve had little or no contact with people, the only issue was I never fully unplugged from electronic devices.


Two years ago I was to meet some friends at a camp on a lake here in Maine it was a remote location approx one mile in the woods an awesome place to just get away we were going to hang out the entire weekend go for a walk, fishing, go out in the canoe etc…I was the first person to show up at the lake that weekend and so excited to hang out with my friends it was a guys weekend…gotta love those…Hours went by but no one showed up! I began to worry did something happened to them ? The phone rang a few minutes later, they were unable to make it that weekend…Both were asked to work last-minute. I was very disappointed. As I hung up the phone a calmness came over me this was the first time I’d been alone with no one around…It felt awesome…I stayed there all by myself that entire weekend, Friday night returning home on Sunday night.


After that weekend I’ve grown to enjoy time alone once a month or so. Although I had short breaks of silence I never was able to totally unplug myself, I never knew how important that was until I enrolled into the master keys course.

Haanel writes:

Intuition usually comes in the silence; great minds seek solitude frequently ; it is here that all larger problems of life are worked out. For this reason every businessman who can afford it has a private office, where he will not be disturbed; if you cannot afford a private office you can at least find somewhere, where you can be alone a few minutes each day, to train the thought along lines which will enable you to develop that invincible power which is necessary to achieve. 

The key word here is “train.” We’re all able to now sit in silence for at least 15 minutes a day as a result of this course. Right ??


It’s time to make that connection with our authentic self…

Over this past weekend during the silence my mind went from thing to thing not focusing on one subject matter for long, I began to focus on why that is ?? Which only made it worse. Much worse…Then I realized it’s time to let go of all thought…relax as Haanel suggests…before long the thoughts began to slow down and then…a small “break” in thought… I felt totally relaxed I was connecting with a part of my mind I’ve never experienced before. The only thoughts that began entering my mind were love, gratefulness, faith, and happiness. It was only for short dash of time though.


That “dash” is addictive and quite tranquil.

I decided to schedule time this weekend for a longer sit (8 hours) my expectations for the weekend are just to be in the silence, I’m not looking to “get” something I’m just letting go…One of the biggest mistakes we can make is expecting to get something from this time alone we must learn to be patient but persistent at the same time.

This time in the silence is like an extended 15 minute sit on steroids…What it means is get in a comfortable spot and just relax.


I’ve found out it works best if you plan ahead for the things you’ll need during the day like food and water keep them close by so when your hungry you’re not distracted thinking about what to eat(I did that last week)


My wish for you is to embrace this silence exercise on a regular basis, don’t stress out if you can only get away for a few hours congratulate yourself that you took the first step in this process, we’ll all improve with time, just like going to the gym, the frequency with which you lift weights the stronger you’ll become.


Until next week,

~Give more get More~

Week – 22 “Tools”

I’ve been in the construction industry for over 30 years so when Davene told us a couple of weeks ago how fear, anger,hurt feelings, unworthiness and guilt were all great tools, and in week 22 we would learn how to use these tools…


The assignment we were given over these past few weeks was to get into the Alliance area and share your experience…There is nothing like a Master Mind, I’m so grateful for all the people in there sharing there individual experiences, I learned so much by just being the observer…


Then Davene said something that stopped me in my tracks:

“When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change”


Could it be that simple ??

What were people in the Alliance area saying over the past few weeks…It seemed people had their own ideas on how to use fear, anger, hurt feelings,unworthiness and guilt.This confirmed: when we change the way we look at things the things we look at change. I’d been learning that in the Alliance area by just reading what other people were saying.


My comfort zone was being expanded with out even thinking about it,by being the observer and faithful to the sit…I realized Davene’s message during the webcast was hitting a nerve…Then there was that negative word that popped into my mind…“BUT”


So how can we utilize fear, anger, hurt feelings, unworthiness and guilt as tools ?


Energy, Concentration, Focus…



Keeps us on Track…



Keeps us on track…



Validates good, know what to do..


Hurt Feelings:

Remind us how much we care…


This is what I’m working on every day this week , Doing as Mark suggested and being the observer…For most people there are one or two out of the five words that we should focus on, for me it is anger don’t get me wrong I’m not at all an angry person in fact over the past five months I’ve become much more at ease with the little things that use to get me “pissed off” can you relate ??


Although anger has been my focus this week I’m aware of fear, hurt feelings, unworthiness and guilt, it just made sense to me to focus on my biggest challenge first, then I can have a better understanding how to utilize the rest.

Being the observer this week has been very humbling for me every time I felt a little angry I stopped and thought about how much energy I am wasting on this, use the law of substitution…Channel it…I need to direct it somewhere…why not toward something good…better yet why not direct it at my DMP…Now that anger is like my best cordless drill with an endless power supply…


I’m committing to focusing on each one for a week at a time, like any “tool” learning how to use the tool is as important as the tool itself, with that in mind I now extend my sits a little longer every day to think about how I can use these tools to expand my comfort zone…It’s all about getting a little bit better each day, we all need a measurement of our success for this to be effective, “the sit” is a helpful “tape measure.”


In scroll VI…OG states: Today I will be the master of my emotions.

If I feel depressed I will sing.

If I feel sad I will laugh.

If I feel ill I will double my labor.

If I feel fear I will plunge ahead.

If I feel inferior I will wear new garments.

If I feel uncertain I will raise my voice.

If I feel poverty I will think of wealth to come.

If I feel incompetent I will remember past successes.

If I feel insignificant I will remember my goals. (your DMP)

I think you know what law OG is implying here…

I’m changing how I look at things and my world around me is evolving in front of my eyes…

Haanel states:

If thoughts contain disease germs, the harvest will be sickness, decay, weakness, and failure; the question is, what are we thinking, what are we creating, what is the harvest to be ?

In other words, if we focus on fear, anger, hurt feelings, unworthiness, and guilt we stay in our comfort zone, wouldn’t the results be the same??


I’m working with my schedule and focusing on 1-2 days in complete silence, this exercise is for me a very special and rewarding experience, over the past few years I’ve been spending time with myself in the silence (once a month 6 hours at a time) however I didn’t have these tools for expanding my mind I just know when I get in the silence my goals get a little clearer each time.

life goals

As I write this blog yet another snowstorm here in the north-east, It’s been an amazing winter here I think we’ll get close to or set a record for snow fall this winter. It’s all good !!

So long for this week…


~Give more get More~

Week – 21 ” It’s a Miracle…I let go of the Banana”

We started out this week on the webcast with Miracles a subject most of us don’t understand ? or do we….

Question :

Do you believe nothing is a Miracle ?



Do you believe everything is a Miracle ?


When Davene asked us to choose which one we believed I have to be honest with you at first I was unable to choose…I do believe in Miracles but I’ve never thought of  everything being a Miracle,yet we’ve been reading from OG and what does he say ??? I am natures greatest Miracle…and so are you…We think of Miracles as one of those things that happen once and a while…Right??…Wrong…Miracles are amongst us every day, Once you slow down your mind and think about it you’ll see it.


Mark had told us to become the observer weeks ago, when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.


This past fall I took my daughter to college she wants to become a nurse and was not able to start this year in the nurses program so she enrolled as”undeclared.” There was a very small chance she could enroll in the nurses program in January if her grade point average was 3.0 or higher she would then qualify but would have to be accepted into the program. A very challenging situation.


First year college…Not living at home for the first time…Homework…Homework…Scary…On her own…Then the first test…she passed…the second…she passed…she was maintaining a 3.0 average…When she was home for the Christmas break she said, I applied for the program and they were going let her know by the end of January if she was accepted into the program.

Next thing I knew I got a text message at work…DAD I GOT ACCEPTED INTO THE NURSES PROGRAM !!


I was so proud of her, few make it…My wife said it was a”Miracle’ she got in…I realized that is her greatness, her gift her calling in life, she hung in there I know she was nervous…She took The Hero’s Journey into the unknown.


Miracles are around us every day we just have to be the observer looking for the greatness in others, which in turn amplifies who we are.

It wasn’t until Trish told the story about her 5-year-old son…But first I must make the same disclaimer as Trish did…I’m not here to tell you what to believe in your spiritual beliefs are your beliefs and I make no effort to sway you one way or the other…He said “Mommy I think I know what God is.”

“God is everything”



The great “I AM”

If God is everything then who am I ??


I thought a lot about it this week, taking my thoughts into the silence…

Over the past few months business opportunities have been flowing into my life it’s amazing. however I decided to stop looking at business ventures that are not in alignment with my DMP. as a matter of fact over the past few months I’ve done little to promote my business…I didn’t know what it was that was holding me back…Was it fear…lack of planning…or am I just being lazy ???

It came to me during one of my sits my business is not in alignment with my universal mind my conscious power has been unplugged…


Haanel states:

That mind is extraordinary in quality, limitless in quality, and contains possibilities without number. To become conscious of this power is to become a “live wire”; it has the same effect as placing an ordinary wire in contact with a wire that is charged. The Universal is the live wire. It carries power sufficient to meet every situation which mat arise in the life of every individual. When the individual mind touches the Universal Mind it receives all the power it requires. This is the world within.All science recognizes the reality of this world, and all power is contingent upon our recognition of this world.  

It’s a Miracle…I let go of the Banana…


What’s been holding me back of late has been nothing more than a consciousness of my purpose…my Dharma…the conditions surrounding my purpose were imperfect.


Haanel states:

The ability to eliminate imperfect conditions depends upon mental action, and mental action depends upon consciousness of power; therefore , the more conscious we become of our unity with the source of all power, the greater will be our power to control and master every condition. 

This is best accomplished by the silence…Lately my “sits” have been extended to 20-30 minutes sometimes longer.

We must utilize the law of Practice every day….Practice makes perfect…the more attention you give to the things you want, while not focusing on the things you don’t want, will provide us all the fruits of our labor…


until next week.

~Give more get More~

Week – 20 “Drama or Dharma”

I can’t believe it “week 20” seems like the past twenty weeks have been like a dream…unlike a dream this is reality and I’m not going to wake up when the dream is over…This is real.


On this weeks webcast Mark had us write out 6-10 index cards with our dash…I know what’s a dash….


It’s your timeline in life when you were born and when you’ll die, something I’ve never thought of before the webcast, oh don’t get me wrong I’ve thought about death before but I have never written down when I expect to join the next journey…It seemed simple enough and at the time not a big deal. That next day I filled out the card as Mark directed us to do,then it hit me like a freight train…


I drew a horizontal line across the card ,on the left side I drew a vertical line about one half-inch and wrote born with my date of birth beneath it,next on the right side of the card I drew another vertical line about one half-inch and wrote death with the date I would die beneath it. Then came the next line, where I am in this timeline…my dash…this was a real wake up call for me. I could see how much time I have left in my life, Mark told us to write in between where we are today and our death,” how many (seasons I chose fall) falls do I have left” ?? You may not see it yet but take 6-10 of those cards and shuffle them through the deck, flash them and you’ll be amazed what happens when you get to that card…Don’t rush read that card and think…That’s when I realized, like the great OG says: “I will live this day as if it is my last.” From now on every minute counts !!


For me week 20 was the week I decided should I live the rest of my life in “Drama or Dharma ?? The seven laws of the mind were appearing, (I’ve been reading them for some time now)


Later in the webcast Davene told us how fear, guilt, anger, unworthiness and hurt feelings are actually great “tools”, for a minute I thought she was kidding but she was serious, it is also a requirement to go into the alliance area and share 2 times this week and next how these are great things to expand our comfort zone.


I know from the training so far, if we’re a little uncomfortable we’re moving in the right direction, in order to grow we need to expand…

During my sit I began to think about how the challenges in my life were brought on as a result of wrong-full thinking, each time I did learn something even though at the time I got a little angry, I just didn’t understand why this was happening to me? Has that ever happened to you ?

Have you ever brought someone into your business, and you think to yourself, I hope this person doesn’t wait to get started…Two weeks later they are getting ready to get ready…In part 20 Haanel says:

Thinking is the true business of life, power is the result. You are at all times dealing with the magical power of thought and consciousness. What results can you expect so long as you remain oblivious to the power which has been placed within your control? 


This power is vital to our growth.

The law of causation starts to thunder down the railroad tracks like a runaway freight train…

Haanel goes on to say:

If we think lack,limitation,discord, we shall find their discord, we shall find their fruits on every hand; if we think poverty, unhappiness or disease, the thought messengers will carry the summons as readily as any other kind of thought and the result will be just as certain. If we fear calamity, we shall be able to say JOB, “the thing I fear has come upon me” (like I hope my distributor doesn’t wait to get started); if we think unkindly or ignorantly we shall thus attract to our selves the results of our ignorance.

So how do we correct this “stinking thinking”? Can’t we just change our thinking ?


This is the danger from what is called Will Power. There are those who seem to think that by force of will they can coerce this law; that they can sow seed of one kind and by”will power” make it bear fruit of another, but the fundamental principle of creative power is in the universal, and therefore the idea of forcing a compliance with our wishes by the power of the individual will is an inverted conception which may appear to succeed for a while but eventually doomed to failure because it antagonizes the very power which it is seeking to use. It is the individual attempting to coerce the Universal, the finite in conflict with the infinite. Our permanent well-being will be best conserved by conscious cooperation with the continuous forward movement of the Great Whole. 

Only you know what that unique power is, the Master Teacher created you in his image and likeness, Use the power of thought to uncover your Dharma.

Life is too short…How many falls do you have left??


Will you live the remaining years in Drama or Dharma ??

Week 20 was a wake up call for me…I got the message loud and clear.


“Henceforth I know that to court idleness is to steal food, clothing,and warmth from those I love. I am not a thief. I am a man of love and today is my last chance to prove my love and my greatness”


Until next week…


~Give more get More~