Week – 22a ” The Journey to…Silence”

Over this past weekend I had a chance to go into the silence, I had been planning for two days but ended up with only four hours due to a prior commitment with my family, It’s all good.

Have you ever had a day without:

Cell phones



Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse






watch tv

Talking to people

3D colourful people talking



Did I mention no texting ?


Nothing that can occupy your mind…Nothing at all…. for 4 days…Really…


Seems strange when you think about it in fact a bit scary, just think for four days you’ll have no contact with another person. The first thing that pops into your mind is how am I going to take four days away from my work or my family?

That was my initial thought, then I started to think about it a bit more , what is so important that I’m unable to unplug for a few days ? Is the world going to stop ? Not a chance…However there is always something that needs attention !!

I decided that any journey begins with a starting point and it doesn’t matter if you begin with four days or just a few hours you just need to get started you’ll figure out how to extend the time. Over the years I’ve had some experience with breaks of time where I’ve had little or no contact with people, the only issue was I never fully unplugged from electronic devices.


Two years ago I was to meet some friends at a camp on a lake here in Maine it was a remote location approx one mile in the woods an awesome place to just get away we were going to hang out the entire weekend go for a walk, fishing, go out in the canoe etc…I was the first person to show up at the lake that weekend and so excited to hang out with my friends it was a guys weekend…gotta love those…Hours went by but no one showed up! I began to worry did something happened to them ? The phone rang a few minutes later, they were unable to make it that weekend…Both were asked to work last-minute. I was very disappointed. As I hung up the phone a calmness came over me this was the first time I’d been alone with no one around…It felt awesome…I stayed there all by myself that entire weekend, Friday night returning home on Sunday night.


After that weekend I’ve grown to enjoy time alone once a month or so. Although I had short breaks of silence I never was able to totally unplug myself, I never knew how important that was until I enrolled into the master keys course.

Haanel writes:

Intuition usually comes in the silence; great minds seek solitude frequently ; it is here that all larger problems of life are worked out. For this reason every businessman who can afford it has a private office, where he will not be disturbed; if you cannot afford a private office you can at least find somewhere, where you can be alone a few minutes each day, to train the thought along lines which will enable you to develop that invincible power which is necessary to achieve. 

The key word here is “train.” We’re all able to now sit in silence for at least 15 minutes a day as a result of this course. Right ??


It’s time to make that connection with our authentic self…

Over this past weekend during the silence my mind went from thing to thing not focusing on one subject matter for long, I began to focus on why that is ?? Which only made it worse. Much worse…Then I realized it’s time to let go of all thought…relax as Haanel suggests…before long the thoughts began to slow down and then…a small “break” in thought… I felt totally relaxed I was connecting with a part of my mind I’ve never experienced before. The only thoughts that began entering my mind were love, gratefulness, faith, and happiness. It was only for short dash of time though.


That “dash” is addictive and quite tranquil.

I decided to schedule time this weekend for a longer sit (8 hours) my expectations for the weekend are just to be in the silence, I’m not looking to “get” something I’m just letting go…One of the biggest mistakes we can make is expecting to get something from this time alone we must learn to be patient but persistent at the same time.

This time in the silence is like an extended 15 minute sit on steroids…What it means is get in a comfortable spot and just relax.


I’ve found out it works best if you plan ahead for the things you’ll need during the day like food and water keep them close by so when your hungry you’re not distracted thinking about what to eat(I did that last week)


My wish for you is to embrace this silence exercise on a regular basis, don’t stress out if you can only get away for a few hours congratulate yourself that you took the first step in this process, we’ll all improve with time, just like going to the gym, the frequency with which you lift weights the stronger you’ll become.


Until next week,

~Give more get More~


6 thoughts on “Week – 22a ” The Journey to…Silence”

  1. ‘Addictive’ is just the right word I would use when talking about this moments of complete stillness, no thoughts, just connection to the source. I’m so in love with this 🙂
    Thank you for sharing… My silence was 1.5 days and spent mainly on working in the garden. Not complete stillness, but I loved it. And yes – what a difference when you completely unplug!


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