My Master Key Experience

I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since my last post…I’ve spent these past few months enjoying the warm sunshine, listening to the sounds of nature all around me, spending time with family, hanging out by the lake, you might say tasting the fruits of my labor. Thinking about where I was just 12 months ago and how unclear my future was…I’m not saying I didn’t know what I wanted or where I was going it just was always foggy most of the time. Frustrated with the way things were (can you relate?)


I needed a change, Isn’t that what we all want just a better outcome in life ???  Over the past few years I’ve enrolled in personal development courses to learn how to improve on my skills spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on webinars, don’t get me wrong they were all good, well for a little while, seemed like every program would last for a few weeks and before long I was back to my old self with the same results.


Last September I discovered a program called The MKMMA that changed all that, It is a 6 month course in self discovery…Not someone telling you what to think, or hey just face your fears…That never works…I have to admit at first I had no clue what to think about this program, I just felt like this was different from any program I have ever have been involved with before.


These people are as authentic as they come the material is amazing and as a result of this training I’m manifesting my dreams, I’m self-directed, happier, have more energy, most of all I now have a step by step guide to build my future. This program is for people who are looking for lasting change in life.

However there are a few pros and cons…

Pro: The material is easy to follow there is a mastermind after each call so ask questions if you need help.

Con: Well we (most of us) have been out of school for many years so the assignments take a bit getting used to. like anything in life you get out what you put in…Garbage in Garbage out.


Pro: Results come quick to those who follow as directed.

Con: This is a 6 month commitment so take it serious.

Pro: They will make you laugh, humor is an important part of life so relax Rome wasn’t built-in a day. It’s all good.

Con: The webinars are a requirement to keep your scholarship. I discovered a way to make it work for me as well as my family, you’ll have to do the same.

If you are looking to improve in your business or just in certain areas of life I would highly recommend this program. There are only so many tomorrows so don’t wait space is limited.


The life you seek is seeking you…

~Give More get More~



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