About Steven

Hello all,

My name is Steven Connelly I’m married to my high school sweetheart and have two amazing children, we live here in the state of Maine. I enjoy walking my two dogs , riding my ATV , Snowmobiling , fishing and spending time with family and some wonderful friends.

Life here in Maine is like being on vacation every day , there is so much to do here.

The coast is a combination of sandy beaches…

Rocky Shorelines…

Some of the most amazing light houses…

The mountains are breathtaking…

The sunsets…

The summers here can be hot and humid the winters very cold and snowy, among all this beauty there is always a storm on the horizon. It’s with those constant storms here I’ve come to realize our lives are no different some days are good some not so good and some days are stormy…It seemed like no matter how hard I would work my world on the outside was always stormy I thought if I could earn more money I would have more time to spend with family…Sound familiar…

I searched for answers on the internet , read books went to seminars got involved with network marketing companies. The result was the same. Not long ago I was invited to take part in the MKMMA  Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

I’ve always had a passion for helping people and making a difference and now I’m learning how to do just that !!

Have an amazing day !!


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