Press Release

Local Maine Resident Steven Connelly July,1 2017

By Ken Turner

On the summer of 2017 my wife Joan decided it was time for us to take a vacation, living in New York as a reporter the hours are long with little time off.

Joan had been talking to a friend of hers that just came back from a vacation in Maine…We’ll that’s all it took next thing I knew we were walking into this little cabin on Sebago Lake. I thought to myself this is a nice place to get away no computers no telephones.

There was quite a view of the lake from our cabin I never realized how beautiful Maine is, after we settled down Joan said we needed to get some groceries , so we found a store in East Sebago it was only a couple of miles from our cabin which worked out well I was tired and just wanted to get what we needed and get back to the cottage.

After we finished up shopping we loaded all the groceries into the car but when I turned the key nothing happened I had left my lights on and now the battery was dead.

As I lifted up the hood out of the corner of my eye I could see this person walking toward me without delay said need some help ? Hi I’m Steven Connelly (shaking hands) Looks like you need a jump-start hang on I’ll get my truck and get you going.

In a few minutes the car started up I told him we were on vacation and out to get a few things for the week I thanked Steven he replied you’re welcome as he was walking away he said “give more get more.”

There was something about that guy he had a way about him I needed to know a little bit more about him , I shouted to him hey Steven got a minute ?

Sure what can I do for you ? Well It didn’t take long for me to realize there was more to this guy I thought it would be a great article for my readers at home. “Local Maine Resident” Steven Connelly

I told him I was Reporter from New York and if he had some time this week I wanted to write an article about him , sure that’s ok with me

Would you like to meet us for dinner tonight ? How about you guys come on over to my place tomorrow afternoon I have a camp on a lake a few miles from here.

The next day we followed the directions to a dirt road at the end of it I could see Steven standing out front of the camp talking to some people , good afternoon would you both like a nice cup of coffee ? Sure , come on in don’t mind the dogs they both love people, no sooner than he gave us both a cup of coffee we were out by the lake, There by the water were 3 very comfortable chairs set next to a campfire the view was stunning the lake was surrounded by pine trees not many camps and no boats on the lake that afternoon , the smell of the pine trees along with the camp fire was quite tranquil.

You mentioned “give more get more” and I’m being honest you caught me a bit off guard.. I get(chuckling) that all the time , for the longest time in my life I always had that “feeling” there’s got to be a better way, (lights up a cigar) I just didn’t know what to do until one day I made a decision to change my direction in life , have you ever heard of network marketing ? you mean one of those get rich things…(with a serious look)

I had been on the internet looking for a better way to grow my business , I needed a system, something I could give to my team that would have lasting change, and one day I found Go90Grow whereas you build teams that build teams that build teams. Great concept it made perfect sense to me so I signed up went through the training with this guy Mark J , no BS with this guy his training is authentic and achieves results.

Over the next couple of months Mark mentioned we could participate in The Master Keys class later that summer, this course is a journey in self discovery,not being directed what to think but how to think for yourself.

How did that work out for you ?

Well at first I had no clue what to expect , I did as directed. before long I realized what my DMP was , What’s a DMP, Definite Major Purpose, I thought the same thing Ken.

It’s your hearts desire your connection with your authentic self, did you know what you wanted before you wrote out your DMP? I thought I knew exactly what I wanted Ken but as I wrote it out I realized what I wanted was to help other people find their bliss, I made a decision to become a certified guide, so is this what you do full-time? Yes, I work with my team of guides all over the world.

His eyes tearing up, There are so many people in the world living a life of quiet desperation it’s my purpose in life to help those people seeking a better outcome. The more I help people the more abundance flows into my life the more time I have to spend time with my family, I noticed pictures on the fridge in the kitchen does your family like to travel? My son and I went to Montana this past winter we were there for two weeks on a snowmobile trip. The ability to take 2 week vacations four times a year with my family is fantastic !!

Like I said Ken the more I give the more abundance flows into my life.

I was amazed with the passion to make a difference this guy had.

So what’s next for you Steven ?

When you guy’s come back to Maine we can sit here and you’ll find out.

It’s been a pleasure talking to you !

Have an Amazing Day !!






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